Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A fleeting glimpse into a decision to buy some digital comic books

So, have you ever wondered what kind of things get taken into consideration, when somebody such as myself ponders whether to make an online purchase of a comic book or not?

I really had not planned to post any of this, here on this blog, but it dawned on me that somebody out there might find it to be of some use, in the refinement of their own independent comic book publishing processes.

What follows is a copy and paste extract from a Facebook message that I sent to John Taylor IV of the comic book publisher known as Top Secret Press.

The comic books purchased were:

Enjoy, and happy reading!

Beginning of Message

Separate from any of this, if you're interested in how I got from being off work, today, to making the decision to place an order for the comic books in question, even though I am familiar with some of your company's comic book works from Kickstarter browsing, previously, it was a Facebook posting, today, that caught my eye. I've been on your website more than once, today, in fact.

I want to say that I saw a posting in a Facebook comic book group, but honestly, I don't recall which one, off the top of my head.

The Issuu preview thing that you use on your site isn't my personal favorite way to view comic book sample pages online, but it did suffice to give me an idea of the quality of some of your comic book products. I checked the sample thing out, more than once, before deciding to make the purchase.

The Strange is initially what caught my eye, but I remember seeing the Kickstarter for Wicked Betty. Looking at that Kickstarter page, right now, it reminded me that I backed that project for a buck. The Kickstarter didn't really factor into this particular purchase, though - not notably, anyway, even though I did recall seeing the project on Kickstarter, prior to making the decision to purchase comic books from you, today.

The Special Holiday Offer is ultimately what made the difference in me opting to make the actual purchase. I prefer PDF format comic books to print format comic books, so there was zero chance that I would have purchased higher priced print option of the same products.

Going from memory off the top of my head, I actually took notice of the Special Holiday Offer from the image on your company's Facebook Cover Photo, before every paying it any real attention on your company's actual website.

If the Special Holiday Offer wasn't an option, then I probably would not have ended up buying anything from your company, at all, today. I didn't really want to spend the five bucks.

But, ultimately, I concluded that the quality of the products that I had already seen from the samples posted on your website and via the Issuu viewer thing, would likely be worth the five bucks.

One hesitation that I did have, one that almost made me go the other way on my purchase decision, was the yellow narrative boxes in the 3Corps preview. I really debated with myself about that, and I have a gut feeling that I won't care for that particular thing, once I receive the comic book in question and actually sit down to read it.

If the art and coloring were of lower quality in the previews that I looked at, then the yellow narrative boxes would have killed the sale. The lettering samples looked OK, although the preview quality via Issuu is probably less than what the end comic book will be in PDF format. That was speculation on my part that I was willing to gamble on, where the lettering was concerned.

All things considered, it was a combination of different things that, collectively, got my attention, kept my attention, and persuaded me to buy comic book products from you on this particular day.

Sorry for the length of this, but I thought that you might be interested in learning and knowing what of your overall process actually worked to snag you the sale in question.

- Charles -
End of Message

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