Sunday, February 22, 2015

A ramble to relax by

I love art, particularly art of the superhero genre variety.

In spite of that, this month of February 2015 has not been a very productive one for me, thus far, as far as this blog is concerned. But, it remains my sanctuary, nonetheless.

I have been busy, elsewhere. Several elsewheres, to be exact, but that is neither here nor there. Instead, I just want to ramble a bit.

I find it to be relaxing.

The Spectre is one of my favorite comic book characters. I think that he is at his very best, when he is taken seriously - and depicted seriously - by comic book teams that undertake to bring him to life upon the pages of comic books.

He has evolved quite a bit, over time, but then again, I guess that most characters do. That's something that they share in common with those of who who live in the real world. That is as it should be, I suppose.

Artists are like super heroes and super villains, in a way. They wield dire energies, and they shape the existence - and the fate - of countless numbers. Each in their own way and to their own degree, artists wield both shadow and light. Some are mere mortals, but others - others cause the world to tremble at their coming.

Comic books are a realm of never-ending one-upsmanship. Heroes and villains best one another, time and time, again, gaining fame and notoriety along the way. Some become near and dear to us, while others fade in our memory, to lie forgotten until another day.

It's hard to have a single favorite comic book character. I've loved many, in my day. There's all sorts of great characters out there, having been brought to life by very creative minds. It's the thing of which envy is made, I tell you!

There's fantastic costumes, and not-so-fantastic ones, as well. Many colors and numerous styles in play. It makes for a visual smorgasbord.

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