Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Warned You No Vault Could Keep Me Prisoner!

Ah, Mordru!

Now, here's a guy who makes a fine super villain. And powerful? Man, what are you talking about?

Mordru has been one of my all-time favorite villains, ever since I first encountered him in an issue of Adventure Comics, the one with his hands coming through a the door of what appears to be a big steel vault of some kind.

What better character to showcase, when one hasn't updated their blog in almost a week.


Yep, it's been six whole days - almost one full week - since I last posted here. One might mistakenly get the idea that I have abandoned this blog, if one happened across it during their journey across the Internet.

But, nothing could be further from the truth!

Actually, I have been posting a good bit, of late, about comic book art, but over on the Digital Webbing forum. Did I ever mention how much I like that forum, a place that has quickly grown on me? Well, of course I haven't, but there's a handy link to it over on the sidebar, if you're itching to join me there.

Unfortunately for me, I don't tend to encounter too many aspiring comic book artists that seem inclined to churn out Mordru images. Alas, such a pity! His claim to infamy is sorely lacking as a result of the preoccupation by artists with other characters.

Nonetheless, I persevere in my affinity for this guy, a sorcerer of the first magnitude.

If blogs had existed, back when I was a kid reading comic books during my comic books heyday, there is no way that I would not have written at length about Mordru.

In the intervening years between then and now, there have been about a bubbazillion comic books published that I have not read - including *gasp* some that have incorporated Mordru into their respective story lines. I really have some catching up to do.

Mordru's old costume isn't likely to win him any modern day fashion awards. Rather, for this fellow, it's all about power - and Mordru (fortunately for the reader but not for his enemies, which tend to be good guys in colorful costumes sporting super powers of their own) has power in spades, and then some.

If blog posts were the equivalent of super powers, then Mordru would quickly vaporize me in any battle between he and I.

But, they're not, and so I remain safe a short while longer here in this humble - and super quiet - abode nestled somewhere in the weeds of the Internet.

Whether he's taking on the Justice League of America or the Legion of Super Heroes, Mordru is ever a threat to be taken seriously by all who dare to oppose him.

Like many in the super powered business, whether good or evil, Mordru's claim to super powers make it difficult to imagine superheroes being able to actually best him. But, comic book writers invariably manage, which is fine and dandy, since it is comic books that we are talking about.

Even still, though, Mordru can't be counted out, nor should he ever be counted out, for the very simple reason that he makes a great foil to superheroes who are ever looking to save both the universe and the day.

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