Sunday, October 13, 2013

Artist Nick Justus: Dominant Master of Imagery meets Inker Extraordinaire!

I love great art, and in particular, I love great comic book art. If it's of the superhero variety, then all the better. Around six months ago, I encountered the artwork of a one Nick Justus. The example above from his deviantArt online art gallery is one of my personal favorites of his handiwork.

The panels in the scene, above, are a two-page spread from the very first issue of the Jesus E. Lee comic book series.

Nick Justus' growing body of comic book art on the Jesus E. Lee series is only a fraction of his overall artistic accomplishments to date. Some of his very best handiwork in the area of comic book type art isn't even included in the Jesus E. Lee series. For example, I just absolutely love his inked artistry with the character, Cyclops.

The clean lines, the beautiful inking, the sharp contrast between the black ink and the white of the canvas rendered in such a way that the final result is a visual smorgasbord of superhero delight. Cyclops isn't even one of my personal favorite superhero characters, by far - yet, I continually revisit Nick Justus' rendition of him in this short set of five images.

For grand theater being played out in comic book art style, Nick Justus' Obamasaurus Wrecked is a piece that really gets the job done. Dinosaurs running rampant in a modern day city, a scene with people fleeing for their lives, is in synch with my imagination.

Unfortunately, not all of Nick's panels provide his viewing audience and fan base with such awesome visuals. But, on those occasions when he opts to go the full Monty, he is an artist that is truly capable of wowing readers with a dominant mastery of imagery.

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