Friday, October 4, 2013

No, Virginia, Angel Eyes is not Santa Claus!

Well, it doesn't exactly qualify as an actual super villain lair, but it was the best that I could do on such short notice.

That's right - I'm starting this blog on a whim. A whim, I tell you! I mean, how much more unprepared could one be, than to go off on a tangent like this, based on nothing more than a mere whim?

To be perfectly honest, though (Hey, is that even possible?? Perfect honesty in a human being? I mean, c'mon now.), it really wasn't just a whim. It was more of an idea. Yeah, yeah, that's it. It was an idea.

But, not just any ordinary, common, run of the mill variety idea. Oh, no, that would never do. This, my friends and foes, alike, was a super-powered idea!

You see, that's what this here Blog-O-Matic thingamajig is all about. Having tired of traipsing all over the Internet like a modern-day Kamandi for a place to share and discuss my thoughts on comic books and comic book art, I have opted to retreat into this Blog of a Bunker, this not-so-secure Fortress of Solitude that I have tossed together with a combination of wit, appreciation, and duct tape - mostly duct tape.

If you happen upon this site, then it's pretty obvious to me that you are lost. But, don't let that stop you from browsing, loitering, and falling asleep on the couch. Uh, what's that?? Oh, right - I forgot the couch. Well, two out of three ain't bad.

When it comes to Internet site traffic, this blog is forever destined to get site traffic stomped by the Big Boys of Blogdom. But, don't let that phase you. It certainly won't phase me.

To get this blog started off on the right foot, I thought that I would share an image crafted by a personal favorite artist of mine, Nick Justus. That's either Nick Justus stomping me in the head, for all of the critiques and criticisms that I have tossed his way over the last several months at different pit stops scattered all over this lovely Internet of ours, or its that foul villain, Angel Eyes, stomping on the pride of Richmond, Virginia - superhero Jesus E. Lee.

Hey, I had to start somewhere!

It's a great image, what with Angel Eyes stomping the Hell out of Jesus E. Lee, the ground cracking open from the impact. Those energy lines emanating up from the ground around Jesus E. Lee and on past Angel Eyes really drives the point home.

It wasn't a typical rectangular panel. Plus, the special effects lettering that Nick Justus worked into it sits at an angle on the page, which only adds to the beauty of the overall scene.

It really isn't a complicated scene, at all. There's precious little in the way of background, due to the foreground being given such preference in this particular scene. It's a panel that features no real wasted white space of note.

As such, this is an example of good, solid comic book superhero artwork.

Black and white inked artwork of this variety is one of Nick Justus' stronger skill sets as an artist. Nick is very gifted at crafting fine eye candy in the form of black and white inked artwork.

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