Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review - Remnants (Issue 2)

What can I say? It was my lucky day.

Having read issue # 1 of this series, I located issues # 2, #3, and # 4 all available for download for free in PDF format over at the Drive Thru Comics website.

You're damned right, I downloaded 'em.

Issue # 1 laid down a good, solid storyline, and it also left me hanging. So, I'm back for more.

Did issue # 2 deliver the goods?

I think so.

What am I saying? I know that it did. I say that, because by the time that I finished reading it, I'm wanting to know what happens next.

And that, my friends from all across the Big Land of the Comic Book, is what a story is supposed to do.

The artwork is pretty much more of the same, as what we saw in issue # 1. It's not bad. It's muted, toned-down. Some pages have what seems to be too much light - probably some special effects from an image editor that they used on the art before finalizing it.

The front cover is a step up from issue # 1. Several characters standing in front of some stained glass windows. Why they chosen to tone down stained glass in an image, I'm not sure. But, it works, nonetheless.

I'll tell you one thing that I do like, and very much so, is the fact that on the inside of this issue, they take time out to introduce us to several of the main characters, replete with pictures of them. So, now I get to see just who in the Hell that the main protagonist, Nick, is.

This comic book title makes effective use of dialogue, at least in the two issues that I have read, thus far. It drives the storyline forward at a good pace. So far, the reader isn't left lollygagging around waiting for something to happen.

It's coming. It's going to happen. And you know it. You've just got to flip the pages, is all.

Now, I don't know anything about this so-called "impregnable vault" that these two gentlemen in this panel, above, are talking about, but I'll just have to take their word for it.

But, of course, it has been compromised. That's why it's called impregnable, after all.

So, adding one and one together, and it doesn't exactly take an Einstein to figure out that something bad has hapened.

The guy in the church who just happened to be carrying several sticks of dynamite was a nice touch. Be sure to pass the collection plate around, fellas.

The panels on the left that I included with this review are a good example of why I like this particular comic book series, Remnants.

The characters are not the most refined or polished art drawings that I have ever seen. But, they are rendered in an effective manner, time and time and time, again.

I especially like the looks on their faces, when these characters catch an unexpected glimpse of all that dynamite going off. Please take note of the scenic vista. If you plan on visiting Shreveport, Louisiana, though, then you might just want to wait until this entire mess blows over.

With many comic books, you never want to give away the ending. That last scene can - and quite often does - hold special meaning to the story.

But, I am going to show it to you, anyway - just so that you can see how these guys that are creating this title are keeping me (the reader) in suspense.

My sentiments, exactly, Captain Merrick.

All things considered, it's another good issue, well worth your time and your consideration. It has my recommendation.

To buy issue # 2 of Remnants, click here.

Once again, credits for this issue include the same team of Scott McClenaghan, Alex Williamson, and J.M. Ringuet.

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