Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review - Remnants (Issue 1)

Sporting a cover price of $4.99, I managed to pick up a copy for free, while browsing the free comic book selection over at Drive Thru Comics. The name of it is Remnants.

I downloaded it in the morning, and went about my business all day. When I got home late at night, I sat down to relax, and remembered that I had downloaded it. So, I opened it up my PDF copy into the Sumatra PDF reader that I use for browsing PDF files, and decided to see if it was worth bothering with or not.

My first impression?

The front cover is OK. So-so, with some police officers staring back at the reader (namely, myself). I tend to gravitate towards superhero comic books, and not police stories, but it was free, and I figured, "What the heck?"

As I begin to flip the pages, the artwork is OK. It's fairly decent artwork. I'm not flipping out, or anything. I'm not agog. I'm not flabbergasted by it. It's just a decent job with the art.

The pages do seem to have a rather muted effect to the artwork, though. None of the colors are popping off the page at me. Nothing is really standing out, grabbing my attention.

So, I fix myself a glass of chocolate milk to drink, as I read through this story.

Let me tell you. Generally speaking, I think that comic books - particularly those in digital form - tend to be way overpriced. At $4.99, I feel the exact, same way about this comic book, too - this Remnants issue # 1 that I've got my hands on.

But, that's just a general peeve of mine.

I will say this. This is a great first issue to a comic book series. By the time that I got through the last page of issue # 1, I'm ready to track down issue # 2, and find out what happens next.

Yeah, it's THAT kind of comic book. It lulls you in with the toned down color scheme. The story is what is going to snag you.

The tale opens with scenes of a television showing what appears to be scenes from a terrorist attack.

But, let me tell you, buddy - this ain't no terrorist attack. Not any ordinary terrorist, anyway. I don't know what it is, yet, anyway. They left me hanging at the end of issue # 1.

Damn them!

The story builds at a fairly fast pace. There's no real languishing around to induce you with boredom. Plus, the artwork begins to fit the tale, just fine. That's my opinion of it, anyway. The combination that they came up with for issue # 1 works - and works well, in my considered opinion.

I'm ending this review, here, because I'm going to go and track down issue # 2, and see if it's available for free, also. I'm not giving five bucks a pop for a PDF comic book of typical size. But, is it a comic book title, a series, that I would be willing to pay something for? If issue # 1 is any kind of an indication, at all, then the answer coming from me is a clear and resounding, "Yes!"

Click here to buy it.

Or visit their website, by clicking here.

Credits for issue # 1 of Remnants include Scott McClenaghan, Alex Williamson, and J.M. Ringuet.

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