Sunday, October 27, 2013

Introducing Armin Ozdic

It's funny, in a way. I create a blog, to share my thoughts about comic books and comic art, and yet, most of what I actually post about those things ends up being posted elsewhere - namely, on forums. One such forum that I frequent a lot, of late, is the Digital Webbing forum.

It's really a great art-related forum, one that isn't overpopulated, yet which is active. Usually, every time that I visit it, multiple pieces of new art have been posted. Some I like, some I dislike, and some I am indifferent to. But, while it wasn't intended on my part, this place has become my home away from home, sort of, when my mind begins to dwell on things comic art related.

Some days, though, even though this blog is still relatively new, my personal time gets dominated by other things. On numerous days, I want to post here. I fully intend to post here. Being tired, though, negatively impacts my posting ratio. Man, I'm still relatively fresh out of the gate, but already, my vehicle of thought has begun to sputter. I guess that I will have to redouble my efforts, and put more effort into it, eh?

Ack!! I noticed, just now, that my link over on the left hand side of the page that links to the Digital Webbing forum isn't working properly. So, I open up the edit function, and lo and behold! - A previous copy and paste job gone astray was the culprit. I had an extra http:// in it, it seems. BAM!! Problem remedied! How ironic, today, I get to be the one that saves the day.

Oh, yeah - No one is actually following this blog, yet. So, this event goes unnoticed, but not unrecorded. Let those who come after us take note of this deed, and let us strive to not repeat this error of our ways in future days.

Here's an example of a recent art piece posted in the Digital Webbing forum that caught my eye.

The discussion thread that it was posted in can be found here.

Apparently, what I saw was not what the artist actually intended the reader/viewer to see.  To see what I thought, just click on that link, above, and go there and read it for yourself. No need to rehash what I already posted there.

As time progresses, my appreciation for panels, themselves, in comic books and comic art has grown considerably. An awful lot of comic books done by independent artists, and even by the big boys over at Marvel and DC, tend to fail to fully appreciate the value that panel choice adds to sequentials.

The artist that did this particular art is Armin Ozdic, hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe. More of Armin's artistic handiwork can be found here, here, and here.

If you fail to check out Armin's other work, then you stand to miss such imaginative offerings as this one.

Powdered Toast Man. How great is that?

Wouldn't you hate to have a run in with this guy? But, now, if it was someone else having a run in with him, would you really want to tell your children, some day, that you missed it? No way!

Armin is a very talented artist. I'm glad that I encountered him along the way.

More talented artists await you, over at the Digital Webbing forum

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